A complete denture is designed to take the place of a full set of teeth, both uppers and lowers, and the surrounding gum tissue. An adhesive sealant is used to attach the denture to the natural gums.

After the damaged teeth have been extracted it will take awhile – usually 8-12 weeks -for the bones and gum tissue to conform to the change. When the mouth is completely healed and stable enough, your dentist will begin taking impressions of your gums which will be used in the lab to make the perfect denture for you. You will see your dentist at various intervals during the process so that he can check every aspect of the denture as it is completed. Minor adjustments may have to be made over the first month or so.

Once your denture has been fitted you will want to make every effort to take good care of it. A denture should be cleaned at least once a day, but preferably after every meal or snack. Handle the denture carefully and brush gently to remove food particles. There are dental products especially made for the proper care of dentures. While you have your denture out go ahead and clean your mouth thoroughly and make sure to remove any left over adhesive materials.

Dentures need moisture to hold their shape. That’s why denture wearers soak them overnight. You can use plain water or if you use a pre-made solution be sure to follow the instructions on the package and always rinse your denture completely before putting it back in your mouth. Visit your dentist as he recommends for professional cleanings, but if you notice that your denture is becoming loose, call right away to avoid painful inflammation.

There are certain things that are particularly harmful to dentures. Always avoid corrosive materials like those found in tooth whitening products. Stay away from any preparations containing bleach that might alter the color of the denture. Extremely hot water could distort its shape.

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