After much consultation and deliberation between you and your dental professional you came to the conclusion that dental implants were the right solution for your tooth loss, congratulations!  Implants offer many advantages over some other options.

A dental implant actually takes the place of the root of a natural tooth.  It is surgically installed in the jawbone and is meant to stay.  Once the implant has bonded to the bone it will be ready to accept the crown, the part of the tooth that will become a part of your new smile.  While you’re waiting for the bonding process to take hold, your dentist may fit you with a temporary bridge.

A dental implant gives the jaw bone something to support after the natural tooth is gone.  If the system has no reason to function it is likely to deteriorate, so you could say that your implant actually helps you keep a healthy bone structure.

Even though dentures and partial bridges have improved greatly over time they do have their drawbacks.  The wearer is always aware of the possibility that the denture may slip at a most inopportune time.  He may unconsciously start to mumble in an effort to prevent an embarrassing moment or have to limit his diet to soft foods that are easier to chew.  Such drastic changes can be life altering.  A dental implant however, allows the patient to enjoy all of his favorite foods again with renewed gusto and gives him the freedom to feel confident in a social situation

Your dental implant is made to be a permanent replacement for your natural tooth but it has to be well maintained in order to function properly. Take care of your implant just as you would a healthy natural tooth.  Brush and floss regularly and keep to a schedule of six month dental exams and cleanings.  Even though getting a cavity is no longer a threat, your implant is not immune to the effects of of daily use – or abuse.

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