A partial removable denture is just one of the recommendations that your dentist may propose as a replacement for one or a few lost teeth.  It can provide a temporary fix or it may be a permanent solution.  That will be determined by you and your dentist after he has performed a thorough examination and provided you with all avenues for treatment.  Other options may include implants or stationary bridgework.

A temporary partial is often used in conjunction with extraction in order to fill in the gap between the missing teeth while the healing process is taking place.  The more traditional partial denture is made of a base substance that holds custom made replicas of your own natural teeth.  Your dentist will attach the denture to each of the bordering teeth using either metal or resin material clasps.  He will be careful to install the denture to provide a comfort fit and let the patient function normally.

A partial removable denture is a good alternative to a full denture when it is being used to replace some but not all of the lower teeth.  It seems to be easier for most wearers to get used used to.  A partial denture requires a less invasive procedure than is necessary to install a full one.  It is also less expensive for the patient.

There are certain precautions that should be taken when it comes to the care and consideration of a removable partial denture.  Always take it out at night to let your mouth rest and to let the denture soak in a cleansing solution to remove stain causing plaque and bacteria.

Your dentist will want to check your denture on a timely basis – one more reason to keep up with regularly scheduled appointments.  The structure of your mouth may change given time which can affect the way your denture fits.  Your dentist can make adjustments if need be.

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