You hear it all the time – if you see or feel change in your body, don’t ignore it. That advice rings true for your dental health as well. Hopefully you see your dentist for a regular checkup at least twice a year but in between visits you should be alert to any significant changes. An increased sensitivity of hot or cold foods, a dryness in the mouth or redness of the gums are just some of the symptoms to be aware of.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease in which the gums become red and swollen. At this point the symptoms can be treated and progression to more serious complications avoided. Advanced gum disease (periodontitis) can lead to tooth loss, so treating gingivitis is extremely important. Call your dentist right away if you notice the signs.

There are several things that can cause your teeth to suddenly react when exposed to extremes such as hot or cold foods and drinks. The sensitivity is a result of a deterioration of the enamel – the outer coating that protects the more susceptible layers that lie closer to the nerve center of a tooth. If sensitivity continues make a dental appointment. It may be that a cavity is brewing or an existing filling could need to be repaired or replaced.

Recurring tooth pain is not normal, something is wrong. As tooth decay progresses so will the pain that it brings. An infected tooth may become so sensitive that it is sore to the touch. This could mean that a cavity has advanced or that you may have cracked a tooth. Infection is nothing to take lightly, see your dentist to see what’s going on.

Saliva is essential for easy digestion and to wash away harmful bacteria. A lot of medications can cause the flow of saliva to decrease so if that seems to be the case you may need to change your prescription or adjust the dosage.

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