Before your dentist can recommend a treatment for your receding gums he will need to determine the cause. The explanation could be care related or it could just be a matter of genetics.

Regular brushing and flossing is necessary for good oral health but it has to be done properly. Never use a hard bristle toothbrush and don’t be too aggressive with your soft bristle brush. If your gums bleed after brushing you’re brushing too hard!

Heredity is another story. There’s nothing you can do to change your genetic makeup so the bottom line is that if your parents or close relatives suffered from receding gums you will be more inclined to inherit the condition.

If your general oral health is less than tip-top you are at higher risk. Receding gums is a clear indication of periodontitis which is an advanced stage of gum disease.

Whatever the cause may be there can also be an appropriate treatment plan. Early stage treatment will usually be just a matter of switching out your toothbrush for a more appropriate one and changing the way you floss. If on the other hand, your gums are receding due to a periodontal disease you may require a deep cleaning process known as “scaling and root planing” which sounds a lot worse than it is.

Your hygienist will perform the deep cleaning therapy to remove the accumulated bacterial tartar that is causing the disease. It is usually done over two visits but you and your hygienist can decide on a time frame.

If the damage cannot be repaired with scraping and planing your dentist may recommend that you undergo a surgical procedure to clean out the bacteria. A layer of protein or some other material may be applied to boost tissue regeneration.

Prevention is always the best medicine. Seeing your dentist at regular intervals and taking good care of your teeth and gums in between visits are the best ways to avoid gum disease.

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