It is important that every member of your family have the opportunity to receive the best oral health care possible. The way to achieve this goal is to start early and stay with the plan.

When that first tooth has broken through the gum tissue it’s time to start your child off with a schedule of dental appointments.  Of course the first few visits will be mainly to get everybody used to the dental environment, but as time goes on the dentist will start counting the child’s teeth and checking to see that all is going well under the surface.  He may recommend x-rays in order to get a better look.

Home care can begin by cleaning your child’s teeth with a soft, wet cloth and then a very soft bristle brush.  By the time he is two he’ll be ready to “go solo” with his very own toothbrush.  Your dentist will warn against using  fluoride toothpaste until your child is able to understand that it’s not good to swallow.

Having a regular family dentist is beneficial in so many ways.  He can offer professional services that will make your job as a parent a little bit easier, at least when it comes to dental care.  When the molars start to come in for instance, dental sealants can be applied for extra added protection against cavities.

Get your kids on a regimen of good oral health care by encouraging them to brush and floss daily.  Brushing and flossing regularly is still the best way to fight cavities so anything you can do to inspire their interest will be worthwhile.  Your dental hygienist will be able to give you some tips about how to make brushing and flossing a fun time.

Gum disease is right up there with cavities on the list of the most prevalent diseases of the teeth and mouth.  Tweens and teenagers who wear braces may be more susceptible because it’s harder for them to reach some areas.  Your dentist can recommend a toothbrush that is specifically designed to make it easier.

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