There is a great difference between general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry but the one thing that they have in common is that they both work to give a patient the best in affordable dental care. General dentistry as a rule, is concerned with the more routine procedures like fillings or root canals and providing patients with preventive measures like regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings. Cosmetic dentistry goes a few steps further. A cosmetic dentist will have the same educational background as a general dental practitioner but will have continued his studies and gained the experience needed to be able to perform the more specialized procedures involved with cosmetic dentistry.

The fundamental aim of cosmetic dental treatments is to improve the patient’s appearance. But at the same time some of the most sought after procedures can help with more practical matters as well. Gaping teeth for instance, can make chewing and speaking difficult and cosmetic bonding can be the remedy for both.

Speaking strictly from a standpoint of improving the look of one’s smile, cosmetic dentistry can do a lot towards that goal. There are ways to repair chipped or cracked teeth, get rid of stains, or re-align crooked teeth. A dental veneer for instance, is a super thin coating that fits like a glove over a tooth to improve or change its’ color, shape or all over quality. A veneer may be made of resin or the more stain resistant porcelain.

Having a pleasant smile can make a person feel free to meet and greet others at social gatherings as well as impress a business contact. There is something about knowing that you can present a first good impression that boosts one’s confidence in himself.

A cosmetic treatment may cost a bit more than a visit to your general dentist, but the results will be longer lasting. Many people actually consider a cosmetic dentistry procedure to be a good investment in their continuing oral health.

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