Many patients suffer some level of dental anxiety. Dentists recognize the fact, they don’t take it personally. One of the ways of coping with anxiety is to face your fears and communicate them. When you and your dentist and dental hygienist are all aware of the issue it will make it easier to deal with. Most dental practices offer warm blankets or provide soothing background music, creature comforts that tend to relax the patients and make them more receptive to treatment. They may even be able to suggest some tips for relaxation stemming from professional training and personal experience.

Studies made on the subject of dental anxiety have produced some interesting results. Going into the appointment with the right attitude can give the patient a sense of being in control. Those patients who researched the practice and got personal references from a trusted friend or coworker were better able to feel confident about the ability of the professionals.

Make a plan, just in case. It’s hard to be verbal with your mouth wide open. An experienced professional will be aware that this situation could cause his patient to feel somewhat vulnerable, even panicky. Before things get underway he will tell the patient to signal by raising his hand if he feels the least bit of discomfort or if he has a concern about how the procedure is going. This is done to instill a feeling of self-confidence and put the patient at ease.

Timing is another consideration. Patients who come to their appointment after a busy day at work or have had to fight through heavy traffic are more apt to be stressed. Office personnel try to arrange appointments that will comply with the patient’s schedule, but it’s always good to plan ahead and allow plenty of time to get to the appoint early enough to fill out any necessary paperwork and still have a few minutes to sit and relax before the hygienist is ready to see you.

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