The improvements in partial dentures and full sets have come so far as to make them seem more like the real thing than ever before. That being said, dentures still come with some distinct care instructions.

Dentures are as susceptible to plaque as natural teeth are so they will need to be brushed regularly. There are products made specifically for cleaning dentures. Wearers can buy different variations of brushes, soaking solutions and denture creams. A simple solution of soap and water has also proven to be effective. Dentures however, do not react well to the abrasiveness of regular toothpastes or to any cleanser that contains bleach. The most important recommendation to denture wearers is that they formulate a routine of daily care.

Tooth enamel is defined by some as “ the strongest substance in the body.” Dentures are considerably more fragile. Experienced wearers suggest that when you remove your denture for the night you do so over a sink-ful of water or a soft towel to protect from breakage, just in case.

Most dentists do recommend that patients who wear dentures take them out at bedtime. This gives the gum tissue time to rebound and let the mouth benefit from the protective effects of a natural flow of saliva. An overnight soaking in an antibacterial cleansing solution will serve to remove any plaque that has accumulated on the denture over the day. If the solution you use is powdered mix it with warm water, not hot. Hot water can alter the shape of a denture.

Keep two toothbrushes on hand, one to use for cleaning your denture and another one for your gums and tongue. Rinse your denture everyday after breakfast, lunch and dinner and before soaking at night. Rinse again before you put your denture back into your mouth.

Having dentures doesn’t mean that you can forget about regular dental care. Denture wearers should schedule six month check-ups for maintenance and readjustments.

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