Regardless of the cause, whether it be trauma to the mouth, gum disease or years of less than adequate oral health habits, there are several options for the replacement of lost teeth. You may not need a complete new set of teeth, just something to take the place of a few. If this is the case a partial denture may be the answer for you.

The first step your dentist will take is to determine what kind of partial denture would benefit you most. A permanent partial denture, also called an implant bridge, is attached directly to the jaw while a removable bridge is built onto a plastic support that connects to the surrounding natural teeth that remain. If those teeth are still healthy and strong enough to serve as a reinforcement for the bridge a detachable partial could be the better choice.

Whichever type denture you and your dentist decide upon the benefits will amaze you. Not only will you once again be able to chew your food thoroughly so as not to have to worry about choking, but you will notice how much easier it is to speak clearly. Missing teeth may cause a “sunken in” look in the area of your face where the teeth once were but a partial denture can restore the natural contour. Missing teeth allows room for your other teeth to shift their position in your mouth. This problem can be avoided by filling the empty space with a denture.

Once your partial denture is in place, care for it just as you do your other teeth by brushing and flossing regularly to reduce plaque buildup. Your denture is artificial however and therefore not as strong as your natural teeth. Your dentist will advise you to use a prescribed denture cleanser and a toothbrush made specifically for the denture wearer.

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