Fluoridated drinking water has been dubbed “nature’s cavity fighter.” Not only is it good for your teeth but water promotes the flow of saliva that prevents dry mouth, and it is sugar – and calorie – free. So, the only decision left to make is what kind of water you will choose to drink. The options abound. Bottled water has its own section in your local supermarket, and it’s a long aisle. You will find the high end brand names, plenty of flavored varieties and the ever popular sparkling waters.

Bottled waters continue to be in demand because they are so convenient to use – just throw a few in the cooler and head out to the softball game. The bottles are disposable, you don’t have to worry about ice cubes and there are no glasses to wash. If you buy bottled water in bulk however, which is one of its appeals, it can be heavy and hard to load into the car. You will also need room to store it at home. And, even though the bottles are easily disposed of they do mount up and they’r not so good for the environment.

Let’s get back to the issue of fluoride. You may assume that your bottled water contains fluoride but some don’t. Check the label to make sure. Today’s municipal drinking water supplies are fluoridated, but some remote rural areas still rely on underground well water, which is not. Most of us however, can turn on our tap for a constant supply of beneficial fluoridated water.

Drink more water. Instead of reaching for that can of soda in the fridge, hit the button that dispenses a nice cool drink of water. If you don’t have that convenience keep a pitcher of cold water on hand. Pour yourself a glass at mealtimes as a better alternative to the coffee or tea that is apt to stain your teeth.

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