Dentists recommend that most of their patients schedule a checkup and teeth cleaning once every six months, those with periodontitis or extensive dental work will be advised to come in more often. Even with regular professional care things can happen between visits and certain symptoms should be brought to the attention of your dentist asap.

One of the first signs of gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue which will present with redness and swelling. At this point gum disease can be treated and in most cases reversed before it can advance to the next stage. Gums may noticeably begin to recede from the teeth if symptoms are ignored.

Increased sensations when you drink something hot or cold could mean that a filling needs to be replaced or repaired or it could indicate that infection has broken through your tooth enamel and a cavity is developing. Early treatment will be less extensive than if you wait too long.

Your toothache is trying to tell you something even if it comes and goes. See your dentist if the pain is persistent.

As we age we’re bound to need a medication for something or other from time to time. When you begin a new prescription or if you add an over the counter product to your daily health routine be sure to be aware of any change that it may bring about. Dry mouth is a common symptom and the lack of saliva can encourage a buildup of oral bacteria which in turn can lead to an oral infection.

Canker sores or cold sores can be extremely painful and caused by a score of possibilities ranging from an outside irritation (ill fitting denture, braces or a mouth piercing) to some type of infection or fungus. A mouth sore that doesn’t go away in over a week’s time should be evaluated by your dentist.

See your dentist at recommended intervals but don’t hesitate to call with any concerns you may have in the meantime. Spokane Valley Dentistry offers emergency services along with regularly scheduled appointments. Contact the office today, call 509-926-6261.