Experienced dentists know that patients expect the use of the best in technology and complete thoroughness from a dental exam.  They expect it and they deserve it.  

If the patient is new or has been referred by another dentist the first part of the initial exam will be to go over his dental and medical histories and talk about any specific problems that will need to be addressed.  It is important that the dentist be informed about any medications that the patient is taking both prescription and across the counter, in order to avoid a dangerous interaction.

Next the dentist will inquire about the patient’s lifestyle.  1.  Are they at risk for accidental fractures or other traumatic injuries because of an emphasis on sports activities.  2.  What is the patient’s diet like?  A person who makes a habit of drinking colas or sports drinks and lacks the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables places himself at higher risk for getting cavities.  3.  Does the subject suffer a significant amount of anxiety over the prospect of a dental visit?  The dentist will want to be made aware if this is going to be the case.  There are certain steps that can be taken to make a dental procedure easier for the overanxious patient once the phobia is recognized.

Next the dentist will check for any unusual lumps around the head or neck area and make sure that the patient can open and close his mouth easily. This will indicate that there is no temporomandibular joint dysfunction (tmd) and that the bite is in alignment.

A thorough examination of the soft tissue in the oral cavity will include the tongue, gums, lips and the roof of the mouth.  A capable dentist will take care to look for the signs that could indicate an early cancer.  He is  well aware that the sooner a problem is identified the better the chances are that it can be treated successfully.

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