A common complaint from dental patients is that their teeth seem to be fading – losing that natural looking color and luster that gives us a radiant, healthy looking smile. There can be any number of reasons for this. Some yellowing will occur as the enamel wears down. That’s just a part of the aging process, but the most common cause of staining and discoloration is from the foods we eat, and especially what we drink.

There are certain things that should be avoided if you’re worried about staining your teeth. Red wine, coffee and tea are well known offenders, but it is also true that some fruits and veggies that are good for your overall health can discolor your teeth.

Fortunately there are now a lot of over the counter remedies that will work to remove some minor staining. All of these products contain some kind of mild bleach to help eliminate the yellow or greyish discoloration. Many toothpastes claim to include a whitening agent in their formula that guarantees to brighten teeth if used over a certain period of time. A lot of people see good results from using these products, but more serious stains may require a dentist’s attention.

Some stains may come from an injury to the tooth and the follow-up treatment. When the nerve and pulp of the tooth is removed during root canal surgery, it is replaced by a sealant which may eventually show through the outer enamel of the tooth. This is purely a cosmetic condition that doesn’t affect the strength or vitality of the tooth. The first therapy that a dentist may recommend will most likely be a form of cosmetic bonding.

During the bonding process, the dentist will remove as much stain as possible from the surface of the enamel. Then he will apply a layer of specially formulated bonding composite to the tooth to cover any remaining discoloration. Since there is no need for outside laboratory work, this whole process along with any shaping to create an even better look, can be done in the office in one appointment.

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