The biting surfaces of your teeth, the parts that do all the work, are not smooth. They are filled with pits and crevices that make perfect little places for bits of leftover food particles to collect. If they are left to fester there the bacteria can cause tooth decay. That’s why dentists and hygienists continue to stress the importance of daily brushing and flossing but some people may need more protection and that’s when dental sealants come into the picture.

A sealant is a thin coating of plastic like dental material that is applied directly onto the surface of the teeth blocking out the harmful bacteria. The success rate of dental sealants in children who have proven to be at high risk for cavities is great. Studies have shown that among those children most at risk the ones who did not have sealants were much more likely to develop cavities than those who did. After reviewing the results of the studies the American Dental Association has advised that children can start to benefit from the extra protection that sealants provide starting as soon as the permanent teeth begin to erupt.

Even though dental sealants are most often thought of as a preventive for children, adults can also take advantage of this simple treatment. Your dentist can do it in one sitting and the added protection can save you money in the long run. Check with your insurance company as many do cover the expense of the procedure.

Once the sealant is bonded to the teeth it can be expected to last for up to ten years but if the sealant is damaged in any way it can be easily replaced. Your dentist will check for chips or cracks during your regular six month checkups.

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