Finding a dentist may be one of the many things you have to do when changing location, or it may become necessary if your current dentist decides to retire.  Whatever the reason, looking for a new dental home can be seen as a challenge.  

Recommendations that come from friends, family members or coworkers can be very helpful, but in order to find just the right connection you’ll have to do some homework on your own.   A website may be a good place to start.

Look for the page that tells you what specific dental services are provided.  A general practice will cater to family members of all ages with offers of everything from tooth whitening to non surgical root canal therapy.  If you are looking for a specialty dentist you should categorize your search.

Patient reviews are one of the most popular sites that people check out on a dental website.  If you can read what real people have to say about the quality of a service you may be better able to form your own impression.   Before and after pictures showing successful results are often included, especially on websites of dentists who feature cosmetic procedures.

FAQ’s are another favorite source of information.  The way the dentist responds to the questions posed by potential patients can be revealing. Inquiries can range from how appointments are made to the kinds of sedation methods that are offered.

You may be interested to know something about the dentist’s personal life.  Most dentists are quite willing to share information about their family background, children, hobbies and even pets.  These details can give you a glimpse into the lifestyle and personality of the dentist that will be treating your family members.

Qualifications are of the utmost importance.  Take notice of the educational backgrounds including schools attended and earned degrees.  Note interests in continued learning experiences and  in keeping up with new innovations in the field.

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