Whether you’re looking for a dentist to perform a cosmetic procedure or you’re in need of a restorative treatment, there are some basic questions you should be asking. One of the first things you will want to find out is how much experience the dentist has had – how long he’s been in practice, what his particular skills may be and if he can produce references from other patients.

The first dentist that you see may not be able to meet your specific needs. If you need a more in depth exam or if you want a second opinion of the diagnosis it helps to know if the dentist has a referral list of specialists that he can make a recommendation from.

If your dental concern falls into the cosmetic category there will probably be more than one option that will work for you. Your dentist should be ready to explain the benefits and the pitfalls of the various choices open to you and show you pictures depicting the results he has experienced. Make sure your dentist is up on all the newest technology that may apply to your case. If he has successfully performed the procedure that you decide on more than a few times you can feel more confident in his ability.

Ask to see degrees, certificates and any honors that the dental profession has bestowed on the practice. Some organization certifications require that their members continue educational courses and attend seminars set up to encourage communications within the industry professionals. If your dentist belongs to such a group you can be sure that he is keeping up to date on all the pertinent information to do with today’s dentistry practices.

The use of lasers in modern dentistry is still so new to the field that not all dentists employ it. Using a laser instead of a dental drill makes things so much easier on the patient that you would be foolish to not ask your dentist about it.

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