Who is more apt to be afraid of going to the dentist – a man, or a woman? Or is it even a contention? As a matter fact, study results differ. Some say that women in their 40’s view making a dental appointment as setting themselves up for a traumatic experience. Other surveys claim that men are more hesitant to sit in the dental chair and are more apt to put off seeing a dentist even when they are in pain. In either case procrastinating about a dental visit can definitely be detrimental to your health.

There are some dental conditions that men are more apt to be affected by. Periodontal disease is one of them. Recent research has determined that male steroids can keep the immune system from being able to fight off inflammation. Periodontitis produces red and swollen gum tissue and can lead to bone deterioration. However, it is easily preventable and and can be treated successfully in the early stages. That is why it is so important for men to visit their dentists at regular six month intervals. Symptoms to watch for can include gums that bleed after brushing or flossing, a change in the bite – the way the teeth come together, a sudden change in taste, or noticeable halitosis. Prevention comes from daily brushing and flossing and maintaining a healthy diet.

Neglecting dental care can lead to an unattractive smile which in turn can cause self consciousness and promote a lack of confidence in dealing with career situations as well as social relationships. Certain studies have indicated a possible connection between poor oral health and impotency in some men.

Cosmetic dentistry has become much more common in recent times. Procedures that appeal to men as well as women are performed everyday in dental offices across the country. Spokane Family Dentistry is proud to display the before and after pictures of some of their clients. Visit the website, www.spokanevalleydentistry.com and click on the “smile gallery” to see what a difference quality dentistry can make.