Dentures have been the conventional replacement for missing teeth for many years and they have proven to be adequately successful, but there are some drawbacks. The key to a favorable outcome is achieving a proper fit from the start, but your gums will naturally transition and your dentures will need to be adjusted accordingly. When you feel like something is out of kilter, let your dentist know right away.

Just like anything new your dentures will take some time getting used to. It may be awkward for instance, for you to pronounce certain words at first but with time and practice they will come. When it comes to eating start with little bites of softer foods and stay away from anything particularly sticky. Chew slowly and don’t favor one side of your mouth over the other. Specially made denture adhesives will help hold your new teeth in place. Follow the instructions on the package for best results.

Yeast infections sometimes occur in the mouth and can cause painful blisters and cracked lips. Again this is more common when dentures don’t fit properly. Stomatitis and Cheilitis are the most prevalent and can be treated by your dentist.

Under some circumstances your dentist may tell you differently, but as a rule you shouldn’t sleep with your dentures in. Breakage is another concern. Always take precautions when taking your dentures out or putting them in while standing over a sinkful of water – just incase!

Most denture wearers seem to have the most trouble with the lower set. If you have enough bone structure left implant supports may be the solution. The denture can still be removed and cared for in much the same way as regular dentures. Every patient will need to be evaluated to determine what kind of denture might work better in any particular case but if you and your dentist do settle on implant supported dentures he will custom make a temporary denture for you to wear while the implant process is underway.

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