When your dentist has tried everything possible to save your tooth it may  be that there is just no way to preserve it. If this is the case he will tell you that an extraction will be necessary to prevent any further spread of infection.

No one is happy upon hearing the news that they will have to lose a permanent tooth, but if it can’t be avoided it’s best to have the procedure performed asap.  You may feel better about it if you know what to expect going in.

The efficiency of dental anesthetics has basically done away with any serious pain that may have been associated with undergoing a dental procedure.  Your comfort level is a top priority.  Your dentist will first apply an analgesic gel to prepare the gum before he injects the local anesthetic that will numb the entire area surrounding the tooth that will be extracted.  He will give the medication time to work and then give an additional injection to make sure that you will be as relaxed as possible during the procedure.

The actual process will begin by loosening the tooth.  This will mean moving the tooth around very slowly and carefully to avoid breakage and may take some time depending on how loose the tooth was when you came in.  At this point you will feel some pressure which will lessen as the tooth loosens.  Once the tooth is ready your dentist will gently ease it from its socket and the extraction will be complete.  You will probably feel the tension in your jaw relaxing as soon as the tooth is out.

There will be some bleeding which may continue for awhile but can be controlled by biting down on a gauze pad.  If bleeding does not start to let up in due time, let your dentist know.

Your dentist will advise that you take it easy for the rest of the day after an extraction.  You will be given a list of do’s and don’ts before you leave the office.  Following those instructions should help get you back to normal in short order.

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