Some people have become obsessed with having whiter looking teeth. Of all the cosmetic dental procedures available today dentists find that teeth whitening is the most commonly requested. Even though professional whitening is highly recommended, companies that manufacture over the counter teeth whitening products have also enjoyed a boon in sales ranging from toothpastes that claim to contain extra whitening ingredients to complete take home whitening kits.

This upsurge in popularity doesn’t come without drawbacks. Any tooth whitening process uses a certain level of bleach in the formula. The higher the percentage of peroxide, the better the risk for unfavorable side effects for people with sensitive teeth. The American Dental Association urges that anyone who is contemplating using a do it yourself remedy in order to get a brighter smile be assessed by a dentist beforehand.

Some people are more susceptible to tooth sensitivity than others and should avoid strong whitening products. There have been cases when patients have experienced a serious level of pain as a reaction to the bleach. If you’re determined to use an over the counter product at least ask your dentist for recommendations.

If you want to be on the safe side make an appointment with your dentist to have your level of sensitivity assessed. If you’ve noticed any discomfort from drinking an iced beverage or one that is steaming hot you may not be the best candidate for teeth whitening. There are alternative options for those people with extreme sensitivity.

People who suffer from gum disease often experience an enhanced awareness of hot or cold foods and beverages or even a gasp of cold air. If this is the case a dentist will recommend treating the disease before going ahead with a whitening program. Any necessary dental work should be completed prior to whitening.

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