A great smile comes with a dedication to the maintenance of your own oral health. You may be fortunate enough to have inherited the genes that make the job easier, but you still have to put forth some effort.

Home care will include sticking to a routine of good habits like brushing and flossing every day and eating the foods which contain the vitamins and minerals that promote healthy teeth and gums and avoiding the ones that can cause harm.

There are sources available that will offer advice that can help you to make healthier choices. The American Dental Association for instance, has posted a top nine list of foods that we should definitely keep at arm’s length for the sake of our dental health. The complete list of no-no’s can be found on the ADA’s Mouth Healthy website but just to give you an idea, sticky sweets and citrus fruits are among the culprits.

Your lifestyle influences your general health in many ways but there are certain habits that are specific to your oral health. Tobacco is a known contributor to gum disease which in turn is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Continuous tobacco use may cause the gum tissue to separate from the teeth making a perfect space for infectious bacteria to collect. Some smokers attempt to hide their addiction by sucking on a piece of hard candy or chewing a stick of gum to mask the telltale odor. Hard candies and chewing gum are both on that list of restricted foods put out by the ADA.

Even the best of intentions will fall short without professional dental care. No matter how faithful you are to your home regimen you won’t be able to keep up with the accumulation of plaque like your dental hygienist can. Six month dental checkups will improve your odds of preventing disease and if a problem does arise an early diagnosis can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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