Hybridge dental implants are tooth prosthetics that replace all of the patient’s teeth on the lower jaw, upper jaw, or both. Unlike the single implant method, Hybridge does not involve a separate implant for every missing tooth. Instead, a few dental implants support a full bridge of replacement teeth.

Hybridge implants enable the patient to regain full dental function and enjoy a beautiful smile without the lengthy, complicated procedure the single implant method would require.

Methods of Hybridge Dental Implants

Patients opting for the Hybridge Dental Implant technology can undergo upper arch, lower arch, or full mouth restoration.

Upper Arch Restoration

The first stage is removing all remaining upper teeth, followed by a healing period of about 11 weeks. Once the jaw has healed, several screw-shaped dental implants are inserted to fuse with the patient’s jaw bone.

The Hybridge process uses advanced, minimally invasive technology that ensures optimum implant placement. Five weeks after the implant placement, the patient will already have a fully functioning, aesthetic upper arch of replacement teeth.

Total upper arch restoration time is about 16 weeks.

Lower Arch Restoration

This procedure is simpler than upper arch restoration. Typically, the extraction of the patient’s remaining lower teeth and the installation of new implants happens during the same appointment. Temporary Hybridge teeth are then installed to provide comfort and function for the patent during the healing phase.

After about five weeks, the dentist will usually be able to install the permanent lower arch replacement bridge.

Full Mouth Restoration

Many patients opt for full mouth restoration. It is usually the easiest, most effective way to use the Hybridge Dental Implant technology. Reconstructing both the upper and lower jaw at once is typically quicker, less costly, and gives the patient a highly aesthetical result with optimal tooth positioning.


Hybridge Dental Implant Patient Story – Colleen

The Hybridge Dental Implant technology offers the patient many benefits, including:

  • Permanent, effective support: Hybridge dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.
  • Bone preservation: Hybridge dental restorations prevent jaw bone loss by providing the necessary bone stimulation.
  • An affordable solution: The Hybridge implant method is much less expensive than the single implant technology.
  • A quick procedure: In some cases, the patient can begin enjoying their new set of teeth within only a few weeks. With Hybridge, healing is usually faster than with conventional implant technologies.

Are Hybridge Dental Implants Durable?

With proper oral care and regular check-up visits to your dentist, your Hybridge restorations can last a lifetime. This technology has a 98% success rate ten years post-treatment.

How Much Will It Cost?

Hybridge dental implant prices can vary. In some cases, dental insurance will cover part of the cost, especially in full-mouth procedures.

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