Some dental procedures require that a local anesthetic be administered so that the patient will feel no pain and the dentist can work freely.  There are some people however, who are more afraid of being “numbed up” than they are of the procedure itself.  Some dread the injection while others experience a fear of being out of control when under the anesthesia.  It’s hard to drink or eat when you can’t feel your mouth and accidents can be embarrassing.  A common fear that goes along with the loss of control is that the patient will choke, or not be able to swallow.  These concern may even cause a panic attack if the patient is vulnerable.

There are ways to overcome or at least cope with some of the apprehensions that people feel about going to the dentist.  If you have put off seeking dental care for a long enough time you have probably already endured a significant amount of pain.  A dental issue left untreated can easily advance to a more serious and often painful stage.  Once you do pursue treatment you may find that it is far less distressing than the discomfort you have been dealing with.

Before a local injection your dentist or hygienist will apply a coat of antiseptic gel that will desensitize the affected area.  It may also help to turn away or close your eyes so that you don’t see the needle coming.  Dentists often recommend it!  If your fear is too overwhelming talk to your dentist.  There are different ways to deal with severe phobias.

It may help to know that a local anesthetic will only numb the one side of your mouth and that even though it may feel like it, your tongue won’t really swell up.  The nerves that are affected by the anesthetic are those that control sensitivity not those that  involve basic motor skills i.e., swallowing.

If you have any qualms about an upcoming procedure at Spokane Valley Dentistry, talk to Dr. Conway before your appointment.  Call the office @ 509-926-6261 to set up a consultation.