Taking care of your teeth is a lifetime commitment. Our dental needs will change from childhood through to adulthood and beyond, but the one constant is that we have to stay on course. Every member of your family will benefit from following some basic rules for prevention of oral diseases and keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist.

Every guideline for good dental home care will include brushing and flossing as two of the best ways to keep teeth healthy and free of decay. Most dentists will suggest brushing at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. It’s not that brushing for just one minute doesn’t count it’s that you’ll get better results with one more. Truth be told, brushing after every meal or snack would be even better but we all know that is not likely or even appropriate for most people.

Knowing when and how to brush and floss properly will put children at an advantage when it comes to being able to have a hand in keeping their own teeth healthy. The best source of education in this department may be your dental hygienist. She can demonstrate how to follow diagrams that illustrate the steps to good flossing and brushing habits. Sometimes the words from a professional can leave a bigger impression.

Also included on a list of cavity preventives is a recommendation that families li between meal snacking. Children are especially cavity prone, but adults are not immune, so the snack choices we make are important. Since most snack foods are high in acid and sugar content it is hard to avoid them completely. What we can do is keep unhealthy snacks to a minimum by replacing them with healthier options whenever possible. Even though it may be impractical to brush or floss after having a midday snack, just rinsing your mouth with water can help get rid of any leftover food particles that can stick around and develop into plaque.

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