Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental procedure that will improve your smile. Procedures range from whitening, to tooth replacement, and include routine fillings, bondings, placing crowns, performing bridgework, and implementing porcelain veneers, as examples.

Whitening is probably the most commonly thought of procedure associated with cosmetic dentistry. Most teeth can be successfully whitened, but there are some exceptions. A cosmetic dentist will not recommend it for those under the age of 16, or for expectant mothers. Any existing cavities should be addressed before the whitening process begins. Having teeth whitened by a dentist is the safest, and most effective option, and can be done in one visit. With proper home follow up, results can last for up to a year.

Finding a cavity means that part of a tooth has become decayed, and must be removed, and replaced with a filling. There are several filling materials that may be used – the plastic ones can be made to match the color of the tooth. A dentist will determine which one is right for a particular case.

Composite resin is a plastic material that is used for bonding. Cosmetic bonding is done to improve the appearance of a tooth that has been chipped, or has become discolored. It can also be used to fill gaps between teeth. Once the bonding material has hardened to the surface of the tooth, it can be trimmed to fit, then polished. The entire process should take about 30 minutes. The bonding material will be vulnerable to staining for up to two days after the application, so the patient will be advised to avoid certain foods, and drinks.

An ultra thin coating of porcelain is used to provide a veneer that a cosmetic dentist can use to improve the look of a tooth’s surface. The process will involve an initial consultation, and then two dental visits to complete the application. Resin composites may be used as an alternative material to porcelain. There are certain advantages to both, which a cosmetic dentist will discuss with his patient.

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