We all remember hearing stories about George Washington wearing a set of wooden teeth. Factual history tells us that our country’s first president did suffer from poor oral health and began to lose his teeth at an early age but instead of wood he replaced them with various materials including ivory and metal.

People were attempting to find substitutes for missing teeth long before George Washington’s time – centuries before actually. In the early 1950’s however, it was discovered that the chemical element titanium had a natural capacity to integrate with bone which led to the modern version of dental implants.

The innovation of the dental implant was especially beneficial for people who had lost so much of their jawbone structure that it could no longer support traditional dentures. Implants have since become a popular option for cosmetic dental enhancement.

Each dental implant is made to stand on its own without having to depend on support from adjacent teeth. This means that healthy teeth will not have to be compromised in any way and unlike dentures an implant is there to stay. If cared for properly a dental implant can last you a lifetime.

Installing a dental implant is a surgical procedure, but it can be performed right in your dentist’s office with only a local anesthetic required and minimal post procedure discomfort.

Some patients are better candidates for a dental implant than others. If you propose an interest in having an implant your dentist will go over your medical history to make sure that there is no existing condition that might affect the procedure or the outcome.

An implant is secured to the jawbone. If the structure has suffered extensive deterioration your dentist may recommend a bone graft. There are several ways to successfully reconstruct the bone but it will mean that the implant procedure will have to be put off for awhile.

It is important that every individual be evaluated to determine the best course of action. Spokane Valley Dentistry is invested in the comfort and satisfaction of their patients. Call 509-926-6261 to consult with Dr.Conway about the cosmetic options open to you.