What is it that makes going to the dentist bring on those feelings of anxiety? Everyone seems to have their own particular trigger. Just the thought of the sound of the dentist’s drill for instance, can be enough to make some people put off making an appointment. Others dread the prospect of having to have a procedure that will require an injection of painkiller – that needle can be intimidating.

Some dental procedures can be costly and time consuming. Dental insurance isn’t an option for a lot of people and today’s lifestyles can be so hectic that it’s hard to set aside enough time for treatments that may require several sessions in the dental chair.

People who are afraid of going to the dentist have probably avoided it for some time. In these cases shame and the prospect of revealing the negligence can make it difficult to relate to a new dentist.

Let’s tackle these issues one at a time. Things at the dentist’s office have improved. You can forget about the old fashioned drill that felt like Rosie the Riveter was inside your head. The sound factor has been significantly reduced and with the help of headphones and background music it is a non-issue.

If a problem is detected at an early stage it can be treated without the need for “numbing up” in preparation for the procedure. That should provide incentive enough to keep up with those regular six month

Again, the sooner a problem is recognized the easier it will be to deal with. Less invasive dental procedures are much less expensive as well. Most dentists however, do maintain an in house payment plan to make expenses more manageable. New patient offers may also apply

A well established dental practice has earned the loyalty of their clientele. These professionals are only interested in instilling the pleasure and self confidence that comes with good oral health. No judgements here.

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