Going to a dental appointment can trigger genuine feelings of anxiety for some patients and let’s face it, nobody really looks forward to having a cavity filled or root canal treatment. You may not be aware of it but the atmosphere of a dental office can affect your frame of mind from the time that your arrive, during and after the visit. When you’re looking for a dental home that will be a good fit for all of your family members go to the office yourself to get an impression of the kind of environment you can expect.

What should you look for? Comfort is key. Furniture may be decorative but more importantly it should be practical. If the dentist or hygienist is running behind you may have to spend some time in the reception area and you’ll want to be comfortable while you’re waiting. And what will you be doing during the wait?

Check out the reading material in the office. If it’s up to date you will know that the staff cares enough to keep subscriptions current. You may notice a t.v. in the outer office but this could actually be a source of anxiety depending on what is being aired. Soft background music may be more appropriate.

The treatment room is where patients are prepped to meet the dentist before the exam. It is imperative that this area and all the dental tools in it be kept in mint condition with sanitation being a major concern. There are cleaning enterprises that provide specialized services to medical complexes. Does the dentist you’re considering take advantage of such a service?

A people friendly staff is a good indication that the dentist has made every effort to employ people who are good at dealing with others and who know how to talk to patients who are stressing out about having a dental procedure. This is a definite for the plus side in making your decision.

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