There are so many over the counter dental products on the market today that is is hard for consumers to know which ones to choose. Some toothpastes for instance, claim to contain a whitening agent while others promise to relieve sensitivity or keep you from getting so many cavities.

Some people include a mouthwash as a part of their daily oral health regimen. Here again, there is a wide range of selection. What do you want your mouthwash to do? Do you use it for the refreshing taste or do you count on it to help prevent tooth decay or gum disease?

Manual or electric, soft, medium or hard bristle? Your toothbrush has to be easy to maneuver and feel comfortable in your mouth. After all, you’ll be using it twice a day for a full two minutes at a time, right?

Is an oral irrigator right for you? Some people who find it difficult to use a typical flossing string have turned to a water pressure system as an alternative. There are several model options to choose from depending on your particular goals and how much you want to spend.

If you are confused by all the advertising hype and the maze of product displays, ask your dentist or hygienist for advice. They have seen first hand the results of many of the various products that their patients have experienced. There are some factors that professionals definitely take into account when making product recommendations. Fluoride for instance, is a proven deterrent to tooth decay. If the ingredients label on that box of toothpaste or bottle of mouthwash includes fluoride you can be assured that it will help to prevent cavities.

The choice of toothbrush is totally one of personal preference. Dentists may however, suggest an easier to use electronic model for patients who suffer from arthritis or some other condition that may make it harder to manipulate a traditional toothbrush.

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