Adults get cavities too.  Gum disease, broken fillings or the inevitable breakdown of the protective tooth enamel can mean a visit to the dentist to have a cavity filled or a previously existing filling replaced.  Options have increased and methods have changed over the years and they all involve pros and cons that you and your dentist must weigh before deciding on the one type that will give you the best results.   

Composite resins have been used by dentists for quite some time, but mainly for the front teeth.  The material is easily colored to match the hue of the natural teeth so that the filling won’t stand out.  Composite resin is also a popular choice for cosmetic procedures that are meant to improve the look of a patient’s smile.  Improvements in strength and endurance qualities of the newer versions have made composite resin appropriate for the back teeth as well.

Because a composite filling is placed in layers the process takes about twice as long as a silver filling and it will cost a bit more.  A composite filling is still less durable than silver for large cavities and it is true that composites are susceptible to staining from foods and drinks such as berries or red wine.

The bonding that takes place during the process of installing a composite resin filling provides extra protection from vulnerability to heat and cold . The plasticity of the material allows for a smaller opening, saving a bigger portion of the tooth in the process.  It is also adaptable to laser use which cannot be said about silver or gold.

If you notice  signs of change in your dental health such as swollen gums or an increase in the sensitivity of your teeth, make it a point to see your dentist asap.

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