You’re sitting in the dentist chair, you’ve been through the meet and greet stage of the visit and it’s time to begin the procedure. You know what’s coming next, the dreaded needle! A consensus of dental patients has shown that the anticipation of getting an injection in the mouth is at the top of the list of reasons to fear going to the dentist.

Laser and other technologies have made it possible for dentists to treat a larger number of disorders without having to administer an anesthesia. But even the more invasive dental procedures that require pain medication can be far more comfortable for the patient. A “controlled-flow” device can deliver the anesthetic in a much gentler way. Since the dentist is able to keep the flow of the medication steady he can eliminate the pain that comes from injecting too much of it at one time.

Sometimes the fear and apprehension that we experience just thinking about an upcoming appointment with the dentist is worse than the reality. Regularly scheduled appointments are usually set up well in advance of the actual date which gives the patient more time to build up his anxiety. Even people who are suffering from a broken filling or a toothache have been known to lose sleep over the fact that they will be seeing the dentist the next day. Patients who are so overwrought can benefit greatly from sedation dentistry.

There are also ways to relieve the tension that is caused by the sound of the dental drill. First of all, modern drills are much quieter than the older ones were and if the sound still bothers you to some extent you can use earphones to listen to soothing music or hear a book reading.

Aside from the personal aspects of the dental experience there are more practical considerations to worry about. Dental care is expensive and unless they are covered under a work related program most people don’t have the luxury of dental insurance. Fortunately most dentists are willing to work with patients to come up with a suitable payment plan.

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