Your permanent teeth are meant to last your lifetime, whether they will or not is at least partially up to you. Your diet, lifestyle habits and the way you take care of your teeth all figure into the maintenance of your oral health.

Let’s start at home. The foods and drinks that you consume have a lot to do with your overall health, some are particularly good, or bad, for your teeth. Young children are more prone to getting cavities than adults are although no one with natural teeth is ever immune. Parents must be more diligent, however, about restricting the intake of sugar for the little ones in the family, young tooth enamel is more susceptible. The trick here is to limit sweets without making them appear to be so good that they are only for special occasions or as a reward.

Older members of the family may be taking a medication that could result in the condition known as “dry mouth.” That’s when the production of saliva is reduced putting us at higher risk for tooth decay or gum disease. These folks need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day and see their dentist for further evaluation.

Teenagers are busier than ever these days. School, sports, and social activities leave little time for sit down, well-balanced meals. There are healthy snack foods that parents can offer in place of pizza or chips and soda. Fruit slices, carrot or celery sticks, and yogurt are all good. The teen years are often the time to try new things. Unfortunately, some of the choices that teenagers make are not the best. A good home example will go a long way to discourage habits like smoking or oral piercings which both threaten good oral health.

Everyone should adhere to a home regimen along with regularly scheduled professional checkups and cleanings to guard against oral disease. Call Spokane Valley Dentistry today @ 509-926-6261.