Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. By the time we are adults we should pretty much know what is and is not good for our teeth, right? We probably even reprimand our kids for chewing gum or eating too many sweets, so why do we continue with our own lifestyle habits that are known to have a bad effect on our oral health? Maybe we just aren’t aware.

Biting down on any hard surface could cause you to break a tooth. A glass of refreshing iced tea can taste awfully good on a hot summer’s day but chewing on the ice cubes is a definite no-no if you want to protect your tooth enamel.

Adults like to play games too. Men’s amateur baseball leagues, for instance, provide a perfect outlet for a little friendly competition but baseball is considered to be a contact sport, a mouthguard should be a part of the uniform. There are over the counter products or your dentist can provide a custom fit guard that can help prevent damage to your teeth.

Bruxism is the habit of grinding or clenching your teeth together. It can be a totally reflex action that we are not even aware of. Stress is the most common contributing factor for adults who experience bruxism. It could also be linked to a misalignment of your teeth or it could be a side effect of a particular medication. See your dentist for a thorough evaluation.

You may set restrictions when it comes to how much candy your children are allowed but did you know that most cough drops contain a large amount of sugar? Some adults get in the habit of sucking on cough drops throughout the day never realizing that they are contributing to their risk for tooth decay.

Speaking of sugar, carbonated beverages and energy drinks are full of it. They also contain the acids that can damage your tooth enamel. Water is the much better choice both for your children and yourself.

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