General dentistry typically deals with preventive care and the restorative procedures that can inhibit more serious dental disorders. Family dentistry adds the specificity of attention to the issues affecting children to the list of services they provide. Finding the right dentist who can take care of all your family’s concerns under one roof can save you a lot of time and confusion.

What factors should influence your decision? Location is always something to take into consideration. If your dentist’s office is within a reasonable distance of your home, office or school it will be easier to make an appointment that will be convenient for everyone concerned. Taking your child to see the dentist is hard enough as it is without having to spend an hour or more in the car on the way and prolong the anxiety.

Take a tour of the offices. Most dentists will welcome a meet and greet session to let you have a look around, meet all the associates and get an idea of what to expect at your next appointment. Going into a strange environment for the first time can be intimidating especially if it goes hand in hand with a dental procedure. Being somewhat familiar with the surroundings can make things a little easier.

What kind of exam should you expect from your new family dentist? Even though you may bring x-ray films and a complete set of dental records from your previous dentist your new one will want to, and you should expect him to do his own comprehensive examination which will include taking a new set of x-rays. If you have any concerns about a newly sensitive tooth or if you suspect that you might have a cavity going into the exam make sure you let the dentist know so that he can pay specific attention to that area.

Keeping a regular schedule of cleanings and checkups with your family dentist along with practicing a healthy regimen of home care should be a step in the right direction for the prevention of serious gum disease. Call Spokane Valley Dentistry @ 509-926-6261 and introduce yourself and your family to Dr. Conway and his team.