Of course daily brushing and flossing are both key elements in the crusade for good oral health but there are other factors involved. Educational resources, lifestyle tendencies and regular professional care are all important in a preventive dentistry program.

The American Dental Association along with various state and local organizations offer sources of information presented through school and community programs that are designed to make people aware of the need for early and continuous dental care. They concentrate on the value of a fluoridated drinking water supply for instance, and stress the influence that a healthy diet can have on a lifetime of good oral health.

The calcium content in some foods can help to maintain the natural strength of our tooth enamel which is essential in cavity prevention. The enamel is the only thing standing between the more sensitive layers of the teeth and the bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

Even though tooth enamel is known for its strength and endurance, it is not indestructible. Sugars and starchy foods encourage the production of the acids that work to weaken the effectiveness of the enamel. Saliva is nature’s way of rinsing away leftover food particles and bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. Any foods that increase the flow of saliva in your mouth e.g., crunchy vegetables, will contribute to that cause.

Regularly scheduled dental appointments that include cleanings, exams and x-ray technology when appropriate will allow your dentist to measure the presence of oral bacteria, detect the early signs of gum disease and monitor the condition of your teeth and gums looking for any changes that might signal a problem. A yearly oral cancer screening can pick up on the potential for disease before it can pose a real threat.

The ultimate goal of preventive dentistry is to avoid oral disease or to stop it in the earliest possible stage of advancement. Share any concerns you may have about the state of your oral health with the dental professionals of Spokine Valley Dentistry. Call today @ 509-926-6261.