Studies have shown that some of us are more apt to lose a permanent tooth than others. Age, lifestyle habits and ethnic background all factor in.

Extraction is necessary when a tooth has been damaged or diseased beyond repair, but what’s most important is that we replace the loss asap. There are plenty of options but the final decision will depend on each individual’s particular needs. Dentists will evaluate and offer a professional recommendations for the patient’s consideration.

A dental implant is a popular choice for replacement. A titanium screw is surgically anchored to the jawbone. An abutment extends from the screw to which the crown of the new tooth is attached to create the look and feel of a natural tooth.

Dentures are the more traditional replacement option. A partial removable denture aka a bridge, is used when there are adjacent natural teeth available to hold the manufactured ones in place. A full or complete denture is appropriate for patients who are missing all of their natural teeth.

A complete denture can be conventional, meaning that it will be fitted several weeks after the natural teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has had adequate time to heal. The alternative is an immediate denture which is fabricated and ready to be installed immediately after the extraction procedure. An immediate denture eliminates the patient ever having to go without teeth or having to wear a temporary appliance, but there is also the chance that the bones and tissues will shrink during the healing process. If this happens significant adjustments may be necessary. The ideal solution might be to wear the immediate denture until it’s time to install the conventional one.

As soon as an adult tooth is lost the consequences begin to show. That could mean loss of muscle tone or a weakened jawbone structure that could alter the entire facial expression. Don’t put it off too long, talk to Dr. Joshua Conway of Spokane Valley Dentistry about your choices for tooth replacement. Call 509-926-6261 today.