More and more researchers are looking into the possibility of a parallel to gum disease and other physical illnesses. Everything from heart disease and stroke to certain kinds of cancer is being investigated for a link to periodontitis.

We have long accepted the concept that the mind and the body interact. We know for instance, that excessive stress or anxiety can raise our blood pressure. Some people have reported actually feeling the change in their body when emotionally distraught. We are also aware of the connection between having a healthy smile and enjoying the feeling of self confidence that it can bring. It is important to know that our shiny teeth and healthy gums are helping us to make a good first impression in a business or social situation. Keeping this in mind, it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that there may well be a correlation between our oral health and our overall general well being.

Gum disease is caused by infection that develops when oral health care is neglected. Without regular brushing, flossing and dental attention the plaque that leads to the infection is allowed to build up on the teeth. Advanced periodontitis must be treated professionally with a deep cleaning method known as scraping and root planing. Without treatment periodontitis can lead to tooth loss and deterioration of the bone structure.

Once infection is present it can easily be spread through the bloodstream causing other parts of the body to be affected. Any existing diseases will only be escalated.

Whether or not gum disease is a harbinger or a symptom, indications have proven to be significant enough to convince some dental insurance providers to pay for preventive treatment.

All the data is not in yet but because gum disease is so prevalent among dental patients studies will continue. Ask about the educational information available at your next appointment with Spokane Valley Dentistry. Call the office today @ 509-926-6261.