It is only a matter of time before the plaque on your teeth turns to tartar. Once that happens you may be headed for serious gum disease. The best way to keep things from getting to that point is to remove the plaque by brushing and flossing every day.

You can’t avoid the plaque that forms when the food you eat mixes with certain bacteria that lives in your mouth. The goal is to get rid of the plaque before it has a chance to calcify. Good oral health habits include seeing a dental hygienist at least twice a year.

The most diligent patient can’t do as good a job of cleaning their teeth as a professional hygienist will. First of all it is easier for the hygienist to reach those hard to get to places way in the back of your mouth and only she will have the tools that were made specifically for the purpose of cleaning your teeth.

There is absolutely no reason to avoid seeing your dental hygienist. As a matter of fact, it is usually a very pleasant experience. Patients come away with a clean fresh feeling in their mouths and the knowledge that they have made an effort to improve their oral health.

Some patients may require the more intensive cleaning known as scraping and root planing. If this is the case the hygienist can perform the treatment over two or three appointments and if necessary can numb the area to relieve any patient anxiety. Many hygienists use a laser beam as part of the treatment making the procedure even more efficient.

A typical part of an appointment with your hygienist will include an oral cancer screening. The intraoral exam is quick and painless. It is also the best way to detect a problem at an early stage when treatment is highly successful.

Proper home care, regular visits with your dentist – and your hygienist – and a healthy diet low in sugar content should keep you from having to undergo more invasive dental procedures. Schedule your appointment with Spokane Valley Dentistry today. Call 509-926-6261.