Stress can bring on physical symptoms as well as mental anxiety. If you’re going through a tough time at work trying to meet a deadline, or if something in your personal life has changed dramatically your response to these developments may start to cause changes in your body as well, including bringing on problems with your gums and teeth.

It can start with a canker sore, a blemish inside your mouth that is caused by a virus. It is believed that stressing can affect the immune system’s ability to fight off bacterial infection so that one irritation can escalate to more. Your dentist will start by telling you to stay away from spicy foods for awhile and to treat the pain with an over the counter medication. If the sores don’t go away he may suggest a steroid treatment.

When you’ve been affected by the herpes virus you are prone to fever blisters which are most likely to crop up on or around the lips. You can tell when a cold sore is coming on and the sooner you start to treat it the better, especially since the virus can be so contagious. Your dentist can recommend an antiviral medication.

Grinding your teeth is recognized as being associated with stress. At first you may not even be aware that you are getting in the habit. Your partner may be the one to point it out since the grinding could be involuntary and happening while you sleep. If this is the case a nightguard may be the answer for you.

Stress can sometimes get in the way of a healthy routine. When it gets to be overwhelming you just may not feel like attending to daily habits like brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. Overeating or eating the wrong kinds of foods is a common sign of the depression that can be triggered by stress. If you continue along this path your teeth and gums will begin to suffer.

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