When it comes to our dental health everybody benefits from the use of fluoride. Both children and adults would suffer dire consequences from the lack of it.

Children need fluoride to help prevent cavities while their teeth are still developing. Primary teeth are important to the successful eruption of the permanent teeth which will hopefully serve us well for years to come.

Remineralization is the process by which the fluoride in our bodies restores calcium and phosphorous to our tooth enamel. The effect may keep a small cavity from becoming more serious and in the process strengthen the enamel so that it is better able to resist future invasion by cavity causing bacteria.

Adults who suffer from gum disease may experience receding tissue which will leave the tooth’s root open to decay. People who have been regularly exposed to fluoride have been found to be more immune to root
decay as a result. The older we get the more apt we are to develop some condition or disease that will require the need for prescription or over the counter medications. Some of these drugs can cause a decrease in the natural flow of the saliva that contains the protective mineral fluoride.

Most adults grew up with the advantage of a fluoridated community drinking water system. Studies have proven that those who did were at much lower risk for tooth decay throughout childhood and beyond.

Supplemental fluoride is found in products such as toothpastes and mouthwashes. Check the label to make sure of the content. Adults who are at high risk for tooth decay may also benefit from professional in office fluoride treatments. The procedure is a simple one that can easily be performed as a part of a regular checkup appointment. Some dentists will follow up by prescribing a fluoride gel for home use.

You want your teeth to last you a lifetime. See your dentist regularly and stick to a healthy regimen of home care using fluoridated dental products to give yourself the best advantage. Call Spokane Valley Dentistry @ 509-926-62612 for your next appointment.