Whether you have a partial denture and especially if you have a full set, taking good care of it is essential for its durability and for your overall oral health. There are specific procedures for denture care but some don’t differ that much from the way you took care of your natural teeth.

Denture wearers can’t give up brushing. When you take your denture out for the night use a soft bristle toothbrush to remove any leftover food particles and to prevent staining. Some of the reasons for brushing may have changed, but the importance of doing it has not.

Maintain a healthy environment for your denture. Plaque can build up on your denture just as it did on your teeth so it’s important to brush every part of your mouth. Brushing every morning will keep your whole mouth as well as your denture feeling fresher.

Keep your dentures from cracking. Dentures need moisture in order to stay in shape. Let your denture soak overnight in a specially formulated solution or in cool water, not hot.

Practice makes perfect. It takes time for most people to get used to wearing a denture. Chewing and talking plainly may be difficult at first. Start slowly by taking small bites of soft foods and chewing on both sides. Work on pronouncing your worrds by reading out loud to yourself until you get the hang of it.

Be careful! A denture will break if it’s dropped on a hard surface so take precautions. Always have a soft landing place incase of a mishap. If your denture is cracked or broken somehow call your dentist asap. You don’t want to take the chance of permanent damage by trying to fix it yourself.

Visit your dentist regularly. You will need to have your dentures relined at some point in order to adjust to changes in the bone structure of your mouth. Dentists recommend having a denture reline every three years or

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