There are some things in life that you have control over like what you’re going to eat for breakfast on any given day and other things that you have no say in, like the weather. Well, it’s the same with your dental health. A few of us are at higher risk for premature tooth loss than others. Some factors are undeniable, you can’t change your age and there are certain health issues that may have been passed on to you through genetics. On the other hand, you CAN improve the way that you take care of your teeth and you CAN give up smoking and change your diet to limit sugary drinks and foods that are high in starches.

Research has shown that a poor diet and inadequate dental care go hand in hand in increasing your odds of losing one or more of your permanent teeth, the ones that were meant to last a lifetime. Change is not always easy but if you consider the consequences that come with early tooth loss you may be willing to do whatever it takes to prevent it.

Tooth loss affects your lifestyle in more ways than one. It can make it hard to enjoy the foods that you love, it can lower your self-esteem and the necessary restoration or replacement can be costly. It’s hard to meet new people or introduce yourself to a potential business connection if you are too self-conscious to smile.

It is easier than ever to find tasty substitutes for some of the foods in our diet that we know are bad for our teeth. Sugarless chewing gums and candy, for instance, come in a wide range of flavors to appeal to many tastes. The savory quality of sugar substitutes has also improved over time, so much so that many people find it hard to tell a difference from the real thing.

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