One of the deciding factors in choosing a family dentist is location. If the office is in the general vicinity of your home, school or workplace you can save yourself a lot of time by not having to deal with unexpected traffic or road construction issues, you will be familiar with the route. It’s important to arrive for your scheduled appointments on time and it’s always nice to know that help is close at hand in case of emergency.

A dental emergency calls for a cool head and getting to professional help asap. If you know where you’re going and can get there in short order you are less likely to panic and will be better able to cope. Once you have administered first aid to the accident victim and done what you can to preserve the tooth you will need to call your dentist’s office to let them know what has happened and that you are on your way in. Be sure to include the after hours number on your mobile phone contacts list. It may save precious time to let someone else make that call while you’re enroute.

Time is critical when a tooth has been knocked out. If you can take the proper precautions and get to your dentist within thirty minutes after the incident there is a much better chance that the tooth can be saved. Find the tooth and pick it up carefully trying not to touch the root. Rinse gently with water and if possible replace the tooth into the socket and hold it there.

A fractured tooth is another dental emergency that requires immediate professional attention. Here again, call your dentist’s office so that they can be prepared to spring into action as soon as you arrive. In the meantime you may be able to reduce swelling with a cold compress. Any over the counter product other than aspirin can be used to relieve pain.

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