Dentists have been clamoring for the new CEREC Omnicam since it was first introduced last summer. The ultimate goal of dentistry is to offer patients safe and timely restorations. Everyone is dealing with busy work and social schedules these days and it’s often difficult to make time for a dental treatment that may involve two or more appointments, so anytime a product can improve the outcome of treatment and save time in the process it will definitely catch the attention of the dental community.

CEREC team members who provide the instruction for operating the new omnicam report that it is taking much less time to get technicians comfortable with the technology. The rounded handle for instance, makes the camera easier to control so that the dentist will have a clear picture of the entire inside of the patient’s mouth.

Previous methods for capturing a thorough oral imagery involved applying a powder substance to the teeth in order to activate the camera’s sensory skills. The Omnicam doesn’t have to be prompted in order to function. The time saved by being able to eliminate that preliminary step is significant.

The CEREC Omnicam is a new feature of the innovative services offered to patients of Spokane Valley Dentistry. The dentists here are constantly looking for the best in new technology for the benefit of their patients. Visit the website, or call the office @ 509-926-6261.