People with dental phobias have used various methods to conquer their fears, including mental distraction, optimism and even prayer – they pray that the whole experience will be over soon!

If you are one of these people you definitely need to find a dentist who is sympathetic to your anxiety and will take the time to listen to your concerns. Spokane Valley Dentistry in Spokane Valley WA is just such a facility. Dr. Conway heads up the staff there and is committed to making patients comfortable in the surroundings and relaxed enough to trust that a procedure will be timely and pain free.

The advancement in dental instrumentation and technology has made many procedures much easier to perform. In some cases a laser can take the place of the traditional dental drill that so many people dread. A surface cavity or one that has only begun to develop may be treated without having to undergo the injection of a pain blocker. Just the anticipation of that needle can be a source of anxiety for a lot of patients. Spokane Valley Dentistry takes pride in offering the best technology available to their patients of all ages.

Finding a dentist like Dr. Conway will be a big step in realizing that a dental appointment doesn’t have to mean days of anxiety leading up to it. If you can overcome some of your apprehension you will be less likely to put off scheduling that visit which could lead to serious complications.

Dr. Conway and his associates are “dedicated to providing the personalized gentle care that you deserve.” This claim is authenticated by the patient reviews that can be seen and heard on the website A quote from the site reads “I will always be nervous about going to the dentist but perhaps a little less now,” posted by one of Dr. Conway’s patients after a recent visit.

Having regular check-ups will make it easier for your dentist to treat a minor problem before it becomes a major one. Call the offices of Spokane Valley Dentistry @ 509-926-6261.