A toothache can be annoying or it can be debilitating depending on the source. Whether the pain is minor or severe, you’ll want to see your family dentist asap! A tooth pain that starts out as a minor inconvenience can quickly become something more.

Tooth pain can come in the form of sensitivity brought on from drinking an icy cold beverage or eating a particularly acidic food. The obvious remedy is to avoid the cause but some of the foods and drinks that we enjoy the most are the ones that we would have to give up. Another option is to try the over the counter products that are specifically made to inhibit sensitivity. Dental sealants can be used to treat chronic cases and laser therapy is becoming a highly popular method of treatment.

Sometimes a dental procedure can irritate gum tissue and cause temporary inflammation and pain. This kind of pain should subside in a few days. Call your dentist if it persists.

A constant pain is one that doesn’t go away when the suspected cause for it is removed. In these cases a dentist will do an in depth exam and x-ray to see what may be going on under the gumline. He may be looking for an infection of the pulp that will need immediate treatment to prevent an abscess.

If you experience a sharp pain from biting down on a piece of food you may have broken a filling. See your dentist right away so that the damaged restoration can be replaced and the pain alleviated.

A pain that is hard to pinpoint may indicate an infection. Your dentist will be able to isolate the affected tooth and recommend a treatment. Pulp infection as with many dental issues has a better chance for successful treatment if seen to promptly.

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