Veneers in Spokane Valley WA

Veneers are custom-made shells that are attached to the front of teeth. In order to fit comfortably, veneers are thinly cut. They can change the size, color and shape of teeth. Generally considered a cosmetic procedure, veneers are inserted to improve the look of teeth.

What Are Veneers Used For?

People generally get veneers because they have teeth that contain some sort of defect. Veneers can be used to fix all of the following dental problems:

What to Expect From the Procedure

  • Discoloration
  • Chips or breaks in teeth
  • Uneven or irregularly-shaped teeth
  • Tooth gaps
  • Teeth with defective enamel that has been worn down

The process of getting veneers usually involves keyword two or three dental visits. First, the dental professional will determine if the patient is a good candidate for veneers based on an oral exam. The patient may also require X-rays during this initial visit. Impressions of the patient’s natural tooth will be taken, and this is so the veneer can be custom-made to fit the patient’s tooth.

Then, the dentist will prepare the natural tooth for the veneer by shaving off a small amount of the surface enamel of the tooth. This will help the veneer fit over the tooth without making the tooth appear larger. In order to shave the tooth down, the dentist may have to numb the area around the tooth beforehand.

Before affixing the veneer permanently, the dentist will try it on temporarily. This process is called bonding, and it involves shaping and re-shaping the veneer to ensure it fits correctly. Once the tooth has the proper fit, the dentist uses cement to bond the veneer to the natural tooth.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One disadvantage is that veneers, because they are considered a cosmetic procedure, are most often not covered by dental insurance. Pricing varies. Patients have the opportunity to receive and examine an estimated bill before having the procedure completed.

In rare cases, veneers can fall off. In order to minimize the chance of this happening, people with veneers should be careful not to chew on hard objects, such as ice or pencils. Chewing hard objects could put extra pressure on teeth and make veneers more likely to chip or dislodge.

One advantage of porcelain veneers is that they do not generally require any special care. Patients with veneers should brush and floss their teeth, just as they should when caring for their natural teeth. Another advantage of veneers is that they look like natural teeth, and porcelain does not generally stain in the way that natural teeth can.

Veneers can greatly improve a patient’s smile by making teeth more even, whiter and smoother. A better-looking smile can also increase a patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

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