What do you want from your dental hygienist? The hygienist is often the first professional you will see after checking in for your dental appointment. The connection that you make can set the tone for the entire visit.

A good dental hygienist has the patient’s best interests in mind. She will strive to make the patient comfortable in the dental environment and greet the new patient with a smile and a welcoming handshake. Patients who have been coming to the practice for any amount of time will naturally feel better being called by name, but for now we’ll concentrate on the newbies.

Any business engagement can benefit by a personal touch and the dental appointment is no exception. It can break the tension and put both parties more at ease with each other. A dental appointment can be a cause for anxiety on the part of the patient but if the hygienist can lighten the mood any feelings of insecurity will be relieved.

How are you doing? A small question, but the answer can reveal a lot. If things aren’t going so well in some other area of a patient’s life it may not be the best time for a discussion about the need for an extensive, or expensive, treatment plan.

Some patients enjoy a little chit chat while others would prefer to get right down to the procedure. A savvy hygienist will be able to tell right away. Body language for instance, can say a lot.

No one likes to feel that they are completely vulnerable in any given situation but particularly one in which he is apprehensive to begin with. The dental chair is designed for the comfort of the patient and the convenience of the dental professional while a dental exam or procedure is being performed. Once the exam has been completed however, the patient will feel more comfortable being at eye level with the hygienist and may be more receptive to her recommendations.

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