If you’ve been avoiding the dentist for a while but now you feel as though it’s time to make that overdue appointment you’re ready to start the research that will eventually put you in touch with a dental practice that is near your home or workplace and offers the services that you need right now or may require in the near future.

Hopefully, you know or work with someone who can recommend a few names and from there you can go online to find the pertinent information that you will need to make your decision. A detailed website will tell you everything you want to know about location, history, staff and contact information. Some will offer new patient discounts and convenient request forms. Maps and directions are usually shown here and virtual office tours are often available.

It’s one thing to visit a website but a personal encounter is the real test. Most dentists will welcome a meet and greet so that you can get a real feeling for the office environment and how friendly and accommodating the staff may be. Making sure that the practice is on board with your insurance or credit service can avoid any confusion about payment arrangements down the line.

Your first appointment is the time to share your concerns with your dentist. If you suffer from dental anxiety, for instance, tell your dentist, there are numerous methods for oral sedation that he can suggest. Or, if you’re interested in having a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your smile try to explain your expectations so that you and the dentist are on the same page – maybe bring a picture.

If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned for over a year you may well have some plaque or tartar buildup. The first thing your hygienist will do is to remove it so that your dentist can get a clear view. Your dentist will probably order a full set of x-rays, also to help in his initial examination of your teeth.

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